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Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Definitions for ukase

  1. In imperial Russia, a published proclamation or order having the force of law.
  2. Any order or decree issued by an authority; an edict.

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Citations for ukase
I took a playwriting course from the noted Prof. A. M. Drummond, a huge man on crutches who right off the bat delivered a ukase never to begin a play with the telephone ringing. Arthur Laurents, Original Story By
This new ukase, however, ignited bureaucratic warfare and spawned rival and conflicting rules and concepts, frittering away time and effort. Richard B. Frank, Downfall: The End of the Imperial Japanese Empire
Origin of ukase
Ukase derives from Russian ukaz, "decree," from Old Church Slavonic ukazu, "a showing, proof," from u-, "at, to" + kazati, "to point out, to show."