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Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Definitions for succinct

  1. Characterized by compressed precise expression with no wasted words; brief; concise.

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Citations for succinct
Susan was many things, and almost all of them wondrous, but she was not succinct. I minded this less than I might have, because I loved to listen to her talk. Robert B. Parker, Sudden Mischief
Then Colin Powell stepped forward and gave the president the most succinct national security briefing of Ronald Reagan's entire presidency. "The world is quiet today, Mr. President," said Powell. Michael Reagan with Jim Denney, The City on a Hill
Origin of succinct
late Middle English
Succinct is from Latin succinctus, past participle of succingere, "to gird below or from below, to tuck up," from sub-, "below, under" + cingere, "to gird."
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