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Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Definitions for caesura

  1. A break or pause in a line of verse, usually occurring in the middle of a line, and indicated in scanning by a double vertical line; for example, "The proper study || of mankind is man" [Alexander Pope, An Essay on Man].
  2. Any break, pause, or interruption.

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Citations for caesura
After an inconclusive day spent discussing the caesura of "Sonnet"'s opening line, Luke and his colleagues went for cocktails at Strabismus. Martin Amis, Heavy Water and Other Stories
The crucial event of the Robedaux family occurs offscreen, in a narrative caesura between the film's two "acts." Richard Corliss, Time
Origin of caesura
Caesura comes from Latin caesura, "a cutting off, a division, a stop," from the past participle of caedere, "to cut."