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Monday, August 02, 2004

Definitions for fructuous

  1. Fruitful; productive.

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Citations for fructuous
It had by now reached much beyond even that status to appear in our minds as a place sentient, actively helping these once forlorn and homeless sailors, presenting us with fructuous soil to grow our food, bountifully adding its own edible offerings, its waters supplying us with an abundance of fish. William Brinkley, Last Ship
Theory does not provide us worthy Marching orders for a fructuous future, for theory in itself tells us nothing about how and when it is applicable. Sheila McNamee and Kenneth J. Gergen, Relational Responsibility
Origin of fructuous
Fructuous comes from Latin fructuosus, from fructus, "enjoyment, product, fruit," from the past participle of frui, "to enjoy."