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Monday, November 22, 2004

Definitions for disquisition

  1. A formal discourse on a subject.

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Citations for disquisition
Hence, although the publisher calls Mr. Roth's work "An Essay on Evil in the Modern World," it will be found to differ materially in approach and manner of treatment from the usual disquisition on an ancient topic. Percy Hutchison, New York Times
Gore was partial to eye-glazing disquisitions on reciprocal trade. Bill Turque, Inventing Al Gore
Origin of disquisition
Disquisition comes from Latin disquisitio, from disquirere, "to inquire into, to investigate," from dis- + quaerere "to seek." It is related to inquire ("to seek into") and exquisite, which describes something that is "sought out" (ex-, "out") because of beauty, delicacy, or perfection.
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