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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Definitions for cloy

  1. To weary by excess, especially of sweetness, richness, pleasure, etc.
  2. To become distasteful through an excess usually of something originally pleasing.

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Citations for cloy
The opulence, the music, the gouty food -- all start to cloy my senses. Jeffrey Tayler, Atlantic
I use orange and lemon zest in the recipe and a drizzle of soured cream at the table to take away its tendency to cloy. Nigel Slater, The Observer
Origin of cloy
Cloy is short for obsolete accloy, "to clog," alteration of Middle English acloien, "to lame," from Middle French encloer, "to drive a nail into," from Medieval Latin inclavare, from Latin in, "in" + clavus, "nail."