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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Definitions for ingenue

  1. A naive girl or young woman.
  2. An actress playing such a person; also: the stage role of an ingenue.

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Citations for ingenue
This is not the face of an ingenue; this is an old soul in a new body -- wary, wise to her own long past, on to the wiles of the world, and having miles to go before she sleeps. Sarah Ban Breathnach, Something More
Her passages -- from ingenue to royal bride to young mother to estranged wife to independent-minded divorcee -- attracted a global audience and made Diana the world's most famed and photographed woman. Eugene Robinson, Washington Post
Origin of ingenue
Ingenue comes from the French, from Latin ingenuus, "freeborn; worthy of a free man; hence honorable, frank; tender, delicate."