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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Definitions for bedaub

  1. To smudge over; to besmear or soil with anything thick and dirty.
  2. To overdecorate; to ornament showily or excessively.

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Citations for bedaub
The patient's signature is less neat than usual, not only because of his agitated state but also, quite possibly, because the pen is so bedaubed with chocolate that it slips through his fingers. Marcel Beyer, Grand Street
Only their wagon keeps on rolling, empty, bedaubed with tears, under our windows. Laszlo Darvasi and Ivan Sanders, Grand Street
Origin of bedaub
Bedaub is from be-, "thoroughly" + daub, from Medieval French dauber, "to plaster," perhaps from Old French dauber, "to clothe in white, white-wash, plaster," from Latin dealbare, "to whitewash, to plaster," from de- (intensive prefix) + albus, "white."
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