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Monday, May 14, 2007

Definitions for internecine

  1. mutually destructive.
  2. of or relating to conflict or struggle within a group: an internecine feud among proxy holders.
  3. characterized by great slaughter; deadly.

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Citations for internecine
Scientists such as Albert Einstein, Robert Oppenheimer, and Edward Teller claimed that only by uniting in a world government the peoples could avoid internecine nuclear wars… Furio Cerutti, Global Challenges for Leviathan, 2007
…Rotary does not support the views of the United States, or England, or France, or Germany, or any other country, but simply takes the stand that the disarmament conference must succeed unless the world is to set up another internecine competition in armaments, leading to a more terrible war, perhaps fatal to our civilization. Sydney W. Pascall, "Public Opinion and Disarmament," The Rotarian, November, 1931
Origin of internecine
Internecine can be traced to the Latin verb necāre meaning "to kill." It entered English in the mid-1600s.
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