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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Definitions for scrimshank

  1. British Slang. to avoid one's obligations or share of work; shirk.

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Citations for scrimshank
It is disheartening to have to deal with fellows who are obviously doing their level best to scrimshank on every possible occasion. Lanayre D. Liggera, The Life of Robert Loraine, 2013
They scrimshanked, just as we had done when we were prisoners, but after they knew what I was looking for they began to get interested and worked hard. Donald Gould, "Dr John MacArthur, Parasitologist and Microscope Inventor, Talked to Donald Gould," New Scientist, November 22, 1979
Origin of scrimshank
The origin of scrimshank is uncertain. It was first recorded in the 1880s.