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Académie Goncourt

[French a-ka-dey-mee gawn-koor]
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  1. See under Goncourt(def 2).


[gawn-koor; for 2 also English gon-koo r]
  1. Ed·mond Louis An·toine Hu·ot de [ed-mawn lwee ahn-twan y-oh duh] /ɛdˈmɔ̃ lwi ɑ̃ˈtwan üˈoʊ də/, 1822–96, and his brother Jules Al·fred Huot de [zhyl al-fred] /ʒyl alˈfrɛd/, 1830–70, French art critics, novelists, and historians: collaborators until the death of Jules.
  2. Prix [pree; English pree] /pri; English pri/, an annual award of money made by a French literary society (Académie Goncourt) for the best prose work of the year.
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  1. Edmond Louis Antoine Huot de (ɛdmɔ̃ lwi ɑ̃twan yo də), 1822–96, and his brother, Jules Alfred Huot de (ʒyl alfrɛd), 1830–70, French writers, noted for their collaboration, esp on their Journal, and for the Académie Goncourt founded by Edmond's will
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