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[ad-l-ahyn; Danish ah-duh-lee-nuh; French aduh-leen; German ah-dey-lee-nuh]
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  1. a female given name, form of Adele.
Also Ad·e·li·na [ad-l-ee-nuh, -ahy-nuh] /ˌæd lˈi nə, -ˈaɪ nə/.
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Historical Examples

  • He was afraid it was the "Adeline Maria," a notorious swindle.

    Peak and Prairie

    Anna Fuller

  • But her "Adeline" reminded him that he was already committed to a safer course.

  • Adeline Vaughan had an original and rather striking costume.

  • That, no doubt, was the message that Miss Todd had intended for Adeline.

  • So alarmed was Beatrice that she followed Adeline to the door.

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fem. proper name, from French, of Germanic origin, literally "noble" (see Adelaide).

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