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[uh-mahy-kuh s, uh-mee-] /əˈmaɪ kəs, əˈmi-/
adjective, Law.
of, relating to, or representing an amicus curiae, a friend of the court:
The church stated its official position in an amicus brief.
Origin of amicus
by shortening

amicus humani generis

[ah-mee-koo s hoo-mah-nee ge-ne-ris; English uh-mahy-kuh s hyoo-mey-nahy jen-uh-ris, uh-mee-kuh s hyoo-mey-nee] /ɑˈmi kʊs huˈmɑ ni ˈgɛ nɛ rɪs; English əˈmaɪ kəs hyuˈmeɪ naɪ ˈdʒɛn ə rɪs, əˈmi kəs hyuˈmeɪ ni/
noun, Latin.
a philanthropist.
literally, friend of the human race

amicus usque ad aras

[ah-mee-koo s oo s-kwe ahd ah-rahs; English uh-mahy-kuh s uhs-kwee ad ey-ras, uh-mee-] /ɑˈmi kʊs ˈʊs kwɛ ɑd ˈɑ rɑs; English əˈmaɪ kəs ˈʌs kwi æd ˈeɪ ræs, əˈmi-/
noun, Latin.
a friend to the last degree. Unabridged
Based on the Random House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2018.
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Examples from the Web for amicus
Contemporary Examples
Historical Examples
  • I have no business here, except as what the lawyers call amicus curiæ.

    Perlycross R. D. Blackmore
  • To this humiliating position, Professor von Mach as amicus curiæ consigns his great nation.

    The Evidence in the Case James M. Beck
  • The second letter, signed amicus, in Number 107, was from an unknown correspondent.

  • amicus Plato, magis amica veritas; Teufelsdrockh is our friend, Truth is our divinity.

    Sartor Resartus Thomas Carlyle
  • Well then, I shall call him as amicus curiae; and the defendant's counsel can cross-examine him.

    Hard Cash Charles Reade

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