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[air-ee-uh n, ar-]
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adjective, noun
  1. Aryan.


[air-ee-uh n, ar-]
  1. of or relating to Arius or Arianism.
  1. an adherent of Arianism.

Origin of Arian2

1525–35; < Late Latin Ariānus of, pertaining to Arius; see -an


  1. a suffix forming personal nouns corresponding to Latin adjectives ending in -ārius or English adjectives or nouns ending in -ary (librarian; proletarian; Rotarian; seminarian; sexagenarian; veterinarian); subsequently productive in English with other Latinate stems, forming nouns denoting a person who supports, advocates, or practices a doctrine, theory, or set of principles associated with the base word: authoritarian; establishmentarian; totalitarian; vegetarian.

Origin of -arian

< Latin -āri(us) or -ary + -an
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  1. of, relating to, or characterizing Arius or Arianism
  1. an adherent of Arianism
adjective, noun
  1. a variant spelling of Aryan


suffix forming nouns
  1. indicating a person or thing that advocates, believes, or is associated with somethingvegetarian; millenarian; librarian

Word Origin

from Latin -ārius -ary + -an
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Word Origin and History for arian



1530s, pertaining to the doctrines of Arius, priest in Alexandria early 4c., who posed the question of Christ's nature in terms which appeared to debase the Savior's relation to God (denial of consubstantiation). Besides taking an abstract view of Christ's nature, he reaffirmed man's capacity for perfection. The dissention was widespread and split the Church for about a century during a crucial time.

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