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noun Egyptian Religion.
  1. an aspect of the soul, represented as a human-headed bird.

Origin of ba

vocalization of Egyptian

  1. the second letter of the Arabic alphabet.


  1. Bachelor of Agricultural Science.
  2. Bachelor of Applied Science.

à bas

[a bah]
  1. down with.

Origin of à bas

literally, downwards, toward (the) lower (part, location); cf. abase

de haut en bas

[duh oh tahn bah]
adverb French.
  1. from top to bottom; from head to foot.
  2. in a haughty, disdainful manner; condescendingly.
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Historical Examples

  • A woman in the mob said 'Pauvre' and somebody else said ' bas!'

  • "I reckon ye've done heered all I kin tell ye," said Bas, gravely.

    The Roof Tree

    Charles Neville Buck

  • Bas Rowlett bent above his pillow, but with a transformed face.

    The Roof Tree

    Charles Neville Buck

  • Bas Rowlett seemed surprised, but he made prompt explanation.

    The Roof Tree

    Charles Neville Buck

  • In killing Bas Rowlett he would be performing a virtuous act.

    The Roof Tree

    Charles Neville Buck

British Dictionary definitions for bas

à bas

  1. down with!


the internet domain name for
  1. Bosnia-Herzegovina


  1. Egyptian myth the soul, represented as a bird with a human head


the chemical symbol for
  1. barium


abbreviation for
  1. Bachelor of Arts
  2. British Academy
  3. British Airways
  4. British Association (for the Advancement of Science)
  5. British Association screw thread
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bas in Medicine


  1. The symbol for the elementbarium

bas in Science


  1. The symbol for barium.