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[bed-oo-in, bed-win]
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noun, plural Bed·u·ins, (especially collectively) Bed·u·in, adjective
  1. Bedouin.

Origin of Beduin

First recorded in 1895–1900


or Bed·u·in

[bed-oo-in, bed-win]
noun, plural Bed·ou·ins, (especially collectively) Bed·ou·in.
  1. an Arab of the desert, in Asia or Africa; nomadic Arab.
  2. a nomad; wanderer.
  1. of, relating to, or characteristic of the Bedouin.

Origin of Bedouin

1350–1400; Middle English Bedoyn < Middle French beduyn < Arabic badawī desert-dweller (badw desert + suffix of appurtenance)
Related formsBed·ou·in·ism, noun
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  • He drove the Beduin and other marauders across the frontiers of the desert and pushed the war into Syria itself.

    The Hittites

    A. H. Sayce

  • The plains of the coast, which are now given over to malaria and Beduin thieves, were doubtless thickly populated and well sown.

    Patriarchal Palestine

    Archibald Henry Sayce

  • The Amalekites had not as yet intermingled with the Ishmaelites, and their Beduin blood was still pure.

    Patriarchal Palestine

    Archibald Henry Sayce

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  1. plural -ins or -in a member of any of the nomadic tribes of Arabs inhabiting the deserts of Arabia, Jordan, and Syria, as well as parts of the Sahara
  2. a wanderer or rover
  1. of or relating to the Bedouins
  2. wandering or roving

Word Origin

C14: from Old French beduin, from Arabic badāwi, plural of badwi, from badw desert
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Word Origin and History for beduin



c.1400, from Old French bedüin (Modern French bédouin), from colloquial Arabic badawin "desert-dwellers," plural of badawi, from badw "desert, camp." The Arabic plural suffix was mistaken for part of the word. A word from the Crusades, it probably was lost in English and then reborrowed from French c.1600. As an adjective from 1844.

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