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[ber-nar for 1; bur-nerd, bur-nahrd for 2]
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  1. Claude [klohd] /kloʊd/, 1813–78, French physiologist.
  2. a male given name: from Germanic words meaning “bear” and “hardy.”
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  1. (French bɛrnar) Claude (klod). 1813–78, French physiologist, noted for his research on the action of secretions of the alimentary canal and the glycogenic function of the liver
  2. (ˈbɜːnəd) Saint, known as Bernard of Menthon and the Apostle of the Alps . 923–1008, French monk who founded hospices in the Alpine passes. Feast day: Aug 20
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masc. proper name, from German Bernhard, literally "bold as a bear," from Old High German bero "bear" (see bear (n.)) + harti "hard, bold, strong" (see hard).

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  1. French physiologist noted for his study of the digestive and nervous systems.
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  1. French physiologist noted for his study of the chemical reactions involved in the digestive system and of the connection between the liver and the nervous system. His work laid the foundation for experimental medicine.
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