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big deal

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noun Slang.
  1. an important or impressive person or thing: to make a big deal out of nothing; I hear he's a big deal on Wall Street now.
  2. (used ironically as an interjection to indicate that one considers something to be unimportant or unimpressive): So you're the mayor's cousin—big deal!

Origin of big deal

First recorded in 1945–50
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British Dictionary definitions for big deal

big deal

  1. slang an exclamation of scorn, derision, etc, used esp to belittle a claim or offer
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Word Origin and History for big deal


from mid-19c. in poker or business; as an ironic expression, popular in American English from c.1965, perhaps a translated Yiddishism (cf. a groyser kunst).

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Idioms and Phrases with big deal

big deal


A matter of great interest or importance, as in Performing in Symphony Hall is a big deal for everyone in the chorus. [c. 1940] Also see under make a federal case out of.


So what? Who cares? For example, So you got the job after all—well, big deal! This use of the phrase as an ironic interjection dates from approximately the same time.

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