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[boh-nuh-pahrt; French baw-na-part]
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  1. Jé·rôme [juh-rohm; French zhey-rohm] /dʒəˈroʊm; French ʒeɪˈroʊm/, 1784–1860, king of Westphalia 1807 (brother of Napoleon I).
  2. Jo·seph [joh-zuh f, -suh f; French zhaw-zef] /ˈdʒoʊ zəf, -səf; French ʒɔˈzɛf/, 1768–1844, king of Naples 1806–08; king of Spain 1808–13 (brother of Napoleon I).
  3. Lou·is [loo-ee; French lwee; Dutch loo-ee] /ˈlu i; French lwi; Dutch luˈi/, 1778–1846, king of Holland 1806–10 (brother of Napoleon I).
  4. Lou·is Na·po·lé·on [loo-ee nuh-poh-lee-uh n; French lwee na-paw-ley-awn] /ˈlu i nəˈpoʊ li ən; French lwi na pɔ leɪˈɔ̃/. Napoleon III.
  5. Lu·cien [loo-shuh n; French ly-syan] /ˈlu ʃən; French lüˈsyɛ̃/, 1775–1840, prince of Canino, a principality in Italy (brother of Napoleon I).
  6. Napoléon. Napoleon I.
  7. Napoléon. Napoleon II.
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Italian Buonaparte.
Related formsBo·na·par·te·an, adjective
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  1. See Napoleon I
  2. Jérôme (ʒerom), brother of Napoleon I. 1784–1860, king of Westphalia (1807–13)
  3. Joseph (ʒozɛf), brother of Napoleon I. 1768–1844, king of Naples (1806–08) and of Spain (1808–13)
  4. Louis (lwi), brother of Napoleon I. 1778–1846, king of Holland (1806–10)
  5. Lucien (lysjɛ̃), brother of Napoleon I. 1775–1840, prince of Canino
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