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verb (used with object), brown-bagged, brown-bag·ging.
  1. to bring (one's own liquor) to a restaurant or club, especially one that has no liquor license.
  2. to bring (one's lunch) to work or elsewhere, usually in a small brown paper bag.
verb (used without object), brown-bagged, brown-bag·ging.
  1. to carry one's lunch in a brown paper bag.
  1. brought to work, usually in a small brown paper bag: a brown-bag lunch.
  1. brown-bag it, to bring one's lunch to work or elsewhere, especially in a brown paper bag.
Related formsbrown-bag·ger, noun
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British Dictionary definitions for brown bag

brown bag

  1. a bag made of brown paper, often used for carrying a packed lunch or alcohol
verb brown-bag -bags, -bagging or -bagged (intr)
  1. to take a packed lunch in a brown bag
  2. to carry alcohol in a brown bag
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"to bring lunch or liquor in a brown paper bag," 1970, from brown (adj.) + bag (n.). Related: Brown-bagging.

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