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camel's hair

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  1. the hair of the camel, used especially for cloth, painters' brushes, and Oriental rugs.
  2. a soft cloth made of this hair, or of a substitute, usually yellowish tan to yellowish brown in color.
Also camelhair.


[kam-uh lz-hair]
  1. made of camel's hair.
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British Dictionary definitions for camel hair

camel hair

camel's hair

  1. the hair of the camel or dromedary, used in clothing, rugs, etc
    1. soft cloth made of or containing this hair or a substitute, usually tan in colour
    2. (as modifier)a camelhair coat
    1. the hair of the squirrel's tail, used for paintbrushes
    2. (as modifier)a camelhair brush

camel's hair

  1. See camel hair
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