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[kahr-puh-met-uh-kahr-puh s, -met-uh-kahr-]
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noun, plural car·po·met·a·car·pi [kahr-puh-met-uh-kahr-pahy, -met-uh-kahr-] /ˌkɑr pəˌmɛt əˈkɑr paɪ, -ˈmɛt əˌkɑr-/. Ornithology.
  1. the bone of a bird's wing formed by fusion of the carpal and metacarpal bones.
  2. the part of the wing supported by this bone.

Origin of carpometacarpus

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British Dictionary definitions for carpometacarpus


  1. a bone in the wing of a bird that consists of the metacarpal bones and some of the carpal bones fused together
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