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[kuh-rah-chee; Italian kahr-raht-chee]
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  1. A·go·sti·no [ah-gaw-stee-naw] /ˌɑ gɔˈsti nɔ/, 1557–1602, and his brother, An·ni·ba·le [ahn-nee-bah-le] /ɑnˈni bɑ lɛ/, 1560–1609, Italian painters.
  2. their cousinLu·do·vi·co [loo-daw-vee-kaw] /ˌlu dɔˈvi kɔ/, 1555–1619, Italian painter.
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  1. a family of Italian painters, born in Bologna: Agostino (aɡosˈtiːno) (1557–1602); his brother, Annibale (anˈniːbale) (1560–1609), noted for his frescoes, esp in the Palazzo Farnese, Rome; and their cousin, Ludovico (ludoˈviːko) (1555–1619). They were influential in reviving the classical tradition of the Renaissance and founded a teaching academy (1582) in Bologna
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