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  1. ChristopherSp. Cristóbal ColónIt. Cristoforo Colombo, 1446?–1506, Italian navigator in Spanish service: traditionally considered the discoverer of America 1492.
  2. a city in and the capital of Ohio, in the central part.
  3. a city in W Georgia.
  4. a city in central Indiana.
  5. a city in E Mississippi.
  6. a city in E Nebraska.


  1. a state in the NE central United States: a part of the Midwest. 41,222 sq. mi. (106,765 sq. km). Capital: Columbus. Abbreviation: OH (for use with zip code), O.
  2. a river formed by the confluence of the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers, flowing SW from Pittsburgh, Pa., to the Mississippi in S Illinois. 981 miles (1580 km) long.
Related formsO·hi·o·an, adjective, noun
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  • The 191st, organized at Columbus, was commanded and partly recruited with Clevelanders.

  • The story of Columbus is, or should be, familiar to every American who can read.

    The Nation in a Nutshell

    George Makepeace Towle

  • It was thus that the Indians first gazed upon the ships of Columbus.

    Pee-wee Harris

    Percy Keese Fitzhugh

  • It was more than a thousand years from the time of Constantine to the time of Columbus.

    Introductory American History

    Henry Eldridge Bourne

  • Columbus was a geographer as well as the herald of an expanding world.

    Introductory American History

    Henry Eldridge Bourne

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  1. a city in central Ohio: the state capital. Pop: 728 432 (2003 est)
  2. a city in W Georgia, on the Chattahoochee River. Pop: 185 702 (2003 est)


  1. Christopher. Spanish name Cristóbal Colón, Italian name Cristoforo Colombo. 1451–1506, Italian navigator and explorer in the service of Spain, who discovered the New World (1492)


  1. a state of the central US, in the Midwest on Lake Erie: consists of prairies in the W and the Allegheny plateau in the E, the Ohio River forming the S and most of the E borders. Capital: Columbus. Pop: 11 435 798 (2003 est). Area: 107 044 sq km (41 330 sq miles)Abbreviation and zip code: OH
  2. a river in the eastern US, formed by the confluence of the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers at Pittsburgh: flows generally W and SW to join the Mississippi at Cairo, Illinois, as its chief E tributary. Length: 1570 km (975 miles)
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his name is Latinized from his native Italian Cristoforo Colombo, in Spanish Christobal Colon.

America was discovered accidentally by a great seaman who was looking for something else, and most of the exploration for the next fifty years was done in the hope of getting through or around it. [S.E. Morison, "The Oxford History of the United States," 1965]


originally used of the river, from Seneca (Iroquoian) ohi:yo', proper name from ohi:yo:h, literally "good river." The Seneca also used this of the Allegheny, which they considered the headwaters of the Ohio. Related: Ohian (1819); Ohioan (1818).

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Capital of Ohio.


State in the northern United States bordered by Michigan and Lake Erie to the north, Pennsylvania and West Virginia to the east, West Virginia and Kentucky to the south, and Indiana to the west. Its capital is Columbus, and its largest city is Cleveland.

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