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  1. a compositor.
  2. composition.
verb (used with object)
  1. to compose (type).

Origin of comp1

First recorded in 1865–70; shortened form


  1. a ticket, book, service, etc., provided free of charge to specially chosen recipients.
  1. complimentary; free of charge: I received a comp copy of her book.
verb (used with object)
  1. to provide with a comp: Some casinos comped the biggest spenders, providing rooms and meals on the house.
  2. to provide free of charge: His meals and drinks at the hotel were often comped.

Origin of comp2

First recorded in 1885–90; by shortening of complimentary


verb (used without object) Jazz.
  1. to accompany a soloist with a succession of irregularly spaced chords that punctuate the rhythm.

Origin of comp3

1945–50, Americanism; shortening of accompany


noun Often comps. Informal.
  1. comprehensive(def 4).

Origin of comp4

by shortening


noun Informal.
  1. compensation: workers' comp; unemployment comp.

Origin of comp5

by shortening


  1. comparative.
  2. compare.
  3. compensation.
  4. compilation.
  5. compiled.
  6. compiler.
  7. complement.
  8. complete.
  9. composition.
  10. compositor.
  11. compound.
  12. comprehensive.
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  1. a compositor
  2. an accompanist
  3. an accompaniment
  4. a competition
  1. (intr) to work as a compositor in the printing industry
  2. to play an accompaniment (to)
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Word Origin and History for comp


"complimentary ticket," 1885, short for complimentary. Meaning "nonpaying guest" is attested by 1930s; generalized to "anything given free" by 1960s. As a verb, by 1974. Related: Comped; comping. As a shortening of compensation (especially worker's/workman's) it was in use by 1970s.

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