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[verb kong-gri-geyt; adjective kong-gri-git, -geyt]
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verb (used without object), con·gre·gat·ed, con·gre·gat·ing.
  1. to come together; assemble, especially in large numbers: People waiting for rooms congregated in the hotel lobby.
verb (used with object), con·gre·gat·ed, con·gre·gat·ing.
  1. to bring together in a crowd, body, or mass; assemble; collect.
  1. congregated; assembled.
  2. formed by collecting; collective.

Origin of congregate

1350–1400; Middle English (adj.) < Latin congregātus (past participle of congregāre to flock together), equivalent to con- con- + greg- (stem of grex) flock + -ātus -ate1
Related formscon·gre·ga·tive, adjectivecon·gre·ga·tive·ness, nouncon·gre·ga·tor, nounde·con·gre·gate, verb, de·con·gre·gat·ed, de·con·gre·gat·ing.non·con·gre·ga·tive, adjectiveun·con·gre·gat·ed, adjectiveun·con·gre·ga·tive, adjective


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1. gather, collect, throng, cluster.
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verb (ˈkɒŋɡrɪˌɡeɪt)
  1. to collect together in a body or crowd; assemble
adjective (ˈkɒŋɡrɪɡɪt, -ˌɡeɪt)
  1. collected together; assembled
  2. relating to collecting; collective
Derived Formscongregative, adjectivecongregativeness, nouncongregator, noun

Word Origin

C15: from Latin congregāre to collect into a flock, from grex flock
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Word Origin and History for congregate


mid-15c., from Latin congregatus "flocking together," past participle of congregare "to herd together, collect in a flock, swarm; assemble," from com- "together" (see com-) + gregare "to collect into a flock, gather," from grex (genitive gregis) "a flock" (see gregarious). Related: Congregated; congregating.

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