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  1. loose scales formed on the skin and shed from the coat or feathers of various animals, often causing allergic reactions in susceptible persons.
  2. Informal. anger; temper: Don't get your dander up over such a trifle.

Origin of dander1

First recorded in 1825–35; alteration of dandruff


  1. Scot. a stroll; saunter.
  2. British Dialect. a fit of shivering.

Origin of dander2

First recorded in 1590–1600; origin uncertain
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Examples from the Web for dander

Historical Examples

  • But you didn't ought to have your dander ris with me, Gen'ral.'

    Life And Adventures Of Martin Chuzzlewit

    Charles Dickens

  • They have a good deal of dander (dandruff) for sich little vipers!

    Oak Openings

    James Fenimore Cooper

  • But whatever did you do to them, to get their dander up so bad, Giraffe?

  • But as this is our first interview, I must not let my dander rise.'

  • He's takkin a dander through the buryin' ground wi' Snecky Hobart.'

British Dictionary definitions for dander


  1. small particles or scales of hair or feathers
  2. get one's dander up or get someone's dander up informal to become or to cause someone to become annoyed or angry

Word Origin

C19: changed from dandruff


  1. a stroll
  1. (intr) to stroll

Word Origin

C19: of unknown origin
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Word Origin and History for dander


1831, American English, "temper," of unknown origin; perhaps originally from figurative use of West Indies dander, dunder "fermentation of sugar," from Spanish redundar "to overflow," from Latin redundare (see redundant).

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dander in Medicine


  1. Small scales from the skin, hair, or feathers of an animal, often causing an allergic reaction in sensitive individuals.
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