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[der-map-ter-uh n]
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  1. Also der·map·ter·ous. belonging or pertaining to the insect order Dermaptera, comprising the earwigs.
  1. any of numerous brown to black, small to medium-sized nocturnal insects of the order Dermaptera, widely distributed in warm, moist areas, characterized by a slender, elongated, flattened body with pincerlike appendages at the tail end of the abdomen.

Origin of dermapteran

1860–65; < New Latin Dermapter(a) (irregular < Greek dermóptera (see dermopteran), or a deliberate alteration of Dermoptera to keep the taxa distinct) + -an
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British Dictionary definitions for dermapteran


  1. any insect of the order Dermaptera, the earwigs
  1. of, relating to, or belonging to this order

Word Origin

C19: from Greek derma (see derma 1) + pteron wing
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dermapteran in Science


  1. Any of various insects of the order Dermaptera, having an elongated flattened body equipped with a pair of pincerlike appendages at the posterior end. Dermapterans include the earwigs.
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