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[dawr-ee-uh n, dohr-]
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  1. of or relating to the ancient Greek region of Doris or to the Dorians.
  1. a member of a people who entered Greece about the 12th century b.c., conquered the Peloponnesus, and destroyed the Mycenaean culture: one of the four main divisions of the prehistoric Greeks.Compare Achaean(def 5), Aeolian(def 2), Ionian(def 3).

Origin of Dorian1

1595–1605; < Latin Dōri(us) (< Greek Dṓrios Dorian) + -an


[dawr-ee-uh n, dohr-]
  1. a male or female given name.
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  • Quite the reverse, he replied; and if so the Dorian and the Phrygian are the only ones which you have left.

  • And these, he replied, are the Dorian and Phrygian harmonies of which I was just now speaking.

  • Greek architecture for the purpose of this study is Dorian architecture, and its elements are simple.

  • These he explains will be only the Dorian and the Phrygian harmonies.

  • I want you to explain to me why you won't exhibit Dorian Gray's picture.

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  1. a member of a Hellenic people who invaded Greece around 1100 bc, overthrew the Mycenaean civilization, and settled chiefly in the Peloponnese
  1. of or relating to this people or their dialect of Ancient Greek; Doric
  2. music of or relating to a mode represented by the ascending natural diatonic scale from D to DSee also Hypo-
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Word Origin and History for dorian



c.1600, in reference to the mode of ancient Greek music, literally "of Doris," from Greek Doris, district in central Greece, traditionally named for Doros, legendary ancestor of the Dorians, whose name is probably related to doron "gift" (see date (n.1)).

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