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  1. variant of ex-1 occurring in words of Latin origin before consonants other than c, f, p, q, s, and t:: emit.
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(used in combination)
  1. electronic: e-book; e-cigarette.
  2. on the Internet; online: e-content; e-commerce.
  3. involving electronic data transfer, especially over the Internet: e-banking.
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Sometimes E-.
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British Dictionary definitions for e-


prefix forming verbs and verbal derivatives
  1. outeviscerate; egest
  2. awayelapse; elongate
  3. outsideevaginate
  4. completelyevaporate
  5. withoutebracteate
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Word Origin

from Latin ē away; related to ex- 1


  1. electronic, indicating the involvement of the internete-business; e-money
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  1. used with numbers indicating a standardized system within the European Union, as of recognized food additives or standard pack sizesSee also E number
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e- in Culture


A prefix that stands for “electronic” and refers to information technologies, business, and almost anything connected to or transmitted over the Internet. Some examples of its use include e-business, e-commerce, e-book, and e-mail.

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