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electric charge

noun, Physics.
one of the basic properties of the elementary particles of matter giving rise to all electric and magnetic forces and interactions. The two kinds of charge are given negative and positive algebraic signs: measured in coulombs.
Also called charge, electricity. Unabridged
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Historical Examples
  • An electric screen is a device for cutting off the influence of an electric charge.

    Physics Willis Eugene Tower
  • In what way may an electric charge be divided into three equal parts?

    Physics Willis Eugene Tower
  • What is the difference between an electric charge and a current?

    Physics Willis Eugene Tower
  • How can a magnetic effect be produced from an electric charge?

    Physics Willis Eugene Tower
  • This fence was built of heavy cables securely fastened to huge posts, and each cable carried an electric charge of 75,000 volts.

    Omega, the Man Lowell Howard Morrow
  • A great shock struck Adone as he heard; he felt as if an electric charge had passed through him.

    The Waters of Edera Louise de la Rame, a.k.a. Ouida
  • Now, every electrical circuit has a "natural period of oscillation" in which its electric charge vibrates.

    How it Works Archibald Williams
  • electric charge consists, therefore, in an excess or deficit of negative electrons in a body.

  • It therefore acts inductively upon the upper plate and induces on the adjacent surface an electric charge of opposite sign.

  • Thus the electric charge protects the drop in the most critical period of its growth.

British Dictionary definitions for electric charge

electric charge

another name for charge (sense 25)
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electric charge in Science
electric charge  
A form of charge, designated positive, negative, or zero, found on the elementary particles that make up all known matter. Particles with electric charge interact with each other through the electromagnetic force, creating electric fields, and when they are in motion, magnetic fields. The electric fields tend to result in a repulsive force between particles with charges of the same sign, and an attractive force between charges of opposite sign. The electron is defined to have an electric charge of -1; the protons in an atomic nucleus have charge of +1, and the neutrons have charge of 0.

Our Living Language  : Electric charge is a basic property of elementary particles of matter. The protons in an atom, for example, have a positive charge, the electrons have a negative charge, and the neutrons have zero charge. In an ordinary atom, the number of protons equals the number of electrons, so the atom normally has no net electric charge. An atom becomes negatively charged if it gains extra electrons, and it becomes positively charged if it loses electrons; atoms with net charge are called ions. Every charged particle is surrounded by an electric field, the area in which the charge exerts a force. Particles with nonzero electric charge interact with each other by exchanging photons, the carriers of the electromagnetic force. The strength and direction of the force charged particles exert on each other depends on the product of their charges: they attract each other if the product of their charges is negative and repel each other if the product is positive. Thus two electrons, each with charge -1, will repel each other, since -1 × -1 = +1, a positive number. Static electricity consists of charged particles at rest, while electric current consists of moving charged particles, especially electrons or ions.
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