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  1. a loose blouse worn by women and children in the mid-19th century, made in imitation of the red shirts worn by the soldiers of Garibaldi.
  2. a brilliant orange damselfish, Hypsypops rubicundus, found off the rocky coasts of southern California.

Origin of garibaldi

First recorded in 1860–65


[gar-uh-bawl-dee; Italian gah-ree-bahl-dee]
  1. Giu·sep·pe [juh-sep-ee; Italian joo-zep-pe] /dʒəˈsɛp i; Italian dʒuˈzɛp pɛ/, 1807–82, Italian patriot and general.
Related formsGar·i·bal·di·an, adjective, noun
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  1. a woman's loose blouse with long sleeves popular in the 1860s, copied from the red flannel shirt worn by Garibaldi's soldiers
  2. British a type of biscuit having a layer of currants in the centre


  1. Giuseppe (dʒuˈzɛppe). 1807–82, Italian patriot; a leader of the Risorgimento. He fought against the Austrians and French in Italy (1848–49; 1859) and, with 1000 volunteers, conquered Sicily and Naples for the emerging kingdom of Italy (1860)
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1862, blouse worn by women in imitation of red shirts worn by followers of Giuseppe Garibaldi (1807-1882), liberator of Italy.

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