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noun, plural IMs, IM's
  1. instant message.
  2. instant messaging.
verb (used without object), IM'd or IMed, IM'ing or IMing.
  1. instant message.

Word story


  1. Swimming. individual medley.
  2. Sports. intramural.
  3. Also I.M. Isle of Man.


  1. a plural ending occurring in loanwords from Hebrew: cherubim.

Origin of -im

From Hebrew


  1. contraction of I am.

Usage note


  1. variant of in-2 before b, m, p: imbrute; immigrate; impassion.


  1. variant of in-3 before b, m, p: imbalance; immoral; imperishable.


  1. variant of in-1 before b, m, p: imbed; immure; impose.
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Historical Examples

  • I went an' done all I could t' cheer 'im up, an' that's all the thanks I git fer it.

  • Anybody would think to 'ear 'im there wasn't any other plyce in the world!

    The Foolish Lovers

    St. John G. Ervine

  • Only people 'ud call 'im Perce, of course, an' that would be 'orrible.

    The Foolish Lovers

    St. John G. Ervine

  • "You seemed pretty keen abaht seein' 'im," he remarked conclusively.

    The Black Bag

    Louis Joseph Vance

  • Softly, softly, said the Doctor; Im not so sure they have gone.

    The Field of Ice

    Jules Verne

British Dictionary definitions for im


the internet domain name for
  1. Isle of Man


abbreviation for
  1. computing instant messaging
  2. Also: i.m. intramuscular
  3. chess International Master


  1. a variant of in- 1, in- 2


contraction of
  1. I am
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Word Origin and History for im


variant of in- before -b-, -m-, -p-, in the sense of "not, opposite of" (immobile, impersonal) as well as "in, into" (implant, impoverish). See in-. In some English words it alternates with em- (1).

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im in Medicine


  1. internal medicine
  2. intramuscular
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