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[verb in-ter-cheynj; noun in-ter-cheynj]
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verb (used with object), in·ter·changed, in·ter·chang·ing.
  1. to put each in the place of the other: to interchange pieces of modular furniture.
  2. to cause (one thing) to change places with another; transpose.
  3. to give and receive (things) reciprocally; exchange: The twins interchanged clothes frequently.
  4. to cause to follow one another alternately; alternate: to interchange business cares with pleasures.
verb (used without object), in·ter·changed, in·ter·chang·ing.
  1. to occur by turns or in succession; alternate.
  2. to change places, as two persons or things, or as one with another.
  1. an act or instance of interchanging; reciprocal exchange: the interchange of commodities.
  2. a changing of places, as between two persons or things, or of one with another.
  3. alternation; alternate succession.
  4. a highway intersection consisting of a system of several different road levels arranged so that vehicles may move from one road to another without crossing the streams of traffic.

Origin of interchange

1325–75; inter- + change; replacing Middle English entrechaungen < Middle French entrechangier
Related formsin·ter·chang·er, nounpre·in·ter·change, noun
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Historical Examples

  • Great was the interchange of news over the homely hearty meal.

    The Armourer's Prentices

    Charlotte M. Yonge

  • "You see, by the interchange your positions were reversed," continued the lawyer.

    A Son of Hagar</p>

    Sir Hall Caine

  • Delcassé had listened to this interchange with smiling lips.

    The Destroyer

    Burton Egbert Stevenson

  • Finally the interchange was ended, and Ran-los bowed himself out.

  • This interchange of compliments was interrupted by the announcement of supper.

    David Dunne</p>

    Belle Kanaris Maniates

British Dictionary definitions for interchange


verb (ˌɪntəˈtʃeɪndʒ)
  1. to change places or cause to change places; alternate; exchange; switch
noun (ˈɪntəˌtʃeɪndʒ)
  1. the act of interchanging; exchange or alternation
  2. a motorway junction of interconnecting roads and bridges designed to prevent streams of traffic crossing one another
Derived Formsinterchangeable, adjectiveinterchangeability or interchangeableness, nouninterchangeably, adverb
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Word Origin and History for interchange


late 14c., from Old French entrechangier, from entre- (see inter-) + changier "to change" (see change (v.)). Related: Interchanged; interchanging.


1540s, "act of exchange, from Old French entrechange, from entrechangier (see interchange (v.)). In reference to a type of road junction, 1944.

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