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noun, plural joes. Scot.
  1. beloved one; darling; sweetheart.

Origin of jo

First recorded in 1520–30; variant of joy


noun Scot.
  1. jo.


noun Slang.
  1. coffee.

Origin of joe2

First recorded in 1840–50; of uncertain origin


  1. (sometimes lowercase) Informal. fellow; guy: the average Joe who works for a living.
  2. Informal. a personification of a typical, often unprepossessing representative of an occupation, personality trait, state of being, etc., that is expressed, sometimes metonymically, as a mock surname: Joe Lunchbucket working hard at some factory and paying his taxes year after year; political con artists relying on the gullibility of Joe Schmo.
  3. a male given name, form of Joseph.
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pl n
  1. the joes Australian informal a fit of depression

Word Origin

short for the Joe Blakes



noun plural joes
  1. a Scot word for sweetheart

Word Origin

C16: alteration of joy


the internet domain name for
  1. Jordan


noun (sometimes not capital) slang
  1. US and Canadian a man or fellow
  2. US a GI; soldier
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Word Origin and History for joes


Scottish form of joy, attested from 1520s as a term of endearment.



"coffee," by 1941, perhaps late 1930s, of unknown origin. Meaning "generic fellow, man" is from 1846, from the pet-form of Joseph (q.v.). Joe college "typical college man" is from 1932. Joe Blow "average fellow" is U.S. military slang, first recorded 1941.

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