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noun, plural lar·ries.
  1. a hoe with a perforated blade for mixing mortar or plaster.

Origin of larry1

First recorded in 1850–55; of obscure origin


noun, plural lar·ries.
  1. larry car.


  1. a male given name, form of Lawrence, Laurence.


[ad-ler; for 1–3 also ahd-ler]
  1. Alfred,1870–1937, Austrian psychiatrist and psychologist.
  2. Cyrus,1863–1940, U.S. religious leader and Jewish scholar.
  3. Felix,1851–1933, U.S. educator, reformer, and writer.
  4. Kurt (Herbert),1905–77, U.S. orchestra conductor, born in Austria.
  5. Lawrence CecilLarry, 1914–2001, U.S. harmonica player.
  6. Mortimer (Jerome),1902–91, U.S. philosopher, educator, and author.
  7. Peter Hermann,1899–1990, U.S. orchestra conductor, born in Austria-Hungary.
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  • Then, when supper was half over, Larry la Roche came in to camp.

  • "I had no gun," said Larry, without raising his eyes from the fire.

  • And it was Larry that turned you agin' him after he come and joined us.

  • Larry la Roche had been a counterfeiter and was a consummate penman.

  • There was no one like Larry for facing a crowd and cowing it.

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  1. happy as Larry or as happy as Larry British, Australian and NZ informal extremely happy

Word Origin

of uncertain origin


  1. (German ˈaːdlər) Alfred (ˈalfreːt). 1870–1937, Austrian psychiatrist, noted for his descriptions of overcompensation and inferiority feelings
  2. (ˈædlə) Larry, full name Lawrence Cecil Adler. 1914–2001, US harmonica player
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Word Origin and History for larry


masc. proper name, often a familiar form of Lawrence.

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larry in Medicine


(ädlər, ăd-)
  1. Austrian psychiatrist. He rejected Sigmund Freud's emphasis on sexuality and theorized that neurotic behavior is an overcompensation for feelings of inferiority.
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