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[adjective lil-ee-hwahyt, -wahyt; noun lil-ee-hwahyt, -wahyt]
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  1. white as a lily: soft lily-white skin.
  2. pure; untouched by corruption or imperfection; above reproach: He tries to pass himself off as some sort of lily-white saint, but he's not.
  3. designating or pertaining to any faction, organization, or group opposing the inclusion of blacks, especially in political or social life.
  1. a member of a lily-white organization, especially a member of a former faction of the Republican Party in the South opposed to the inclusion of blacks in the party or in political life in general.

Origin of lily-white

1275–1325; Middle English lylie-whyt


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3. segregated, discriminatory, unintegrated.
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  1. of a pure whitelily-white skin
  2. informal pure; irreproachable
  3. US informal
    1. discriminating against Black peoplea lily-white club
    2. racially segregated
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Word Origin and History for lily-white


early 14c., from lily + white; from 1903 with reference to whites-only segregation; 1964 as "irreproachable."

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