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Li Po

[lee poh; Chinese lee baw]
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  1. a.d. 701?–762, Chinese poet of the Tang dynasty.
Also called Li Tai Po.


  1. a combining form meaning “fat,” used in the formation of compound words: lipolysis.
Also especially before a vowel, lip-.

Origin of lipo-1

combining form representing Greek lípos fat


  1. a combining form meaning “lacking,” “leaving,” used in the formation of compound words: lipography.

Origin of lipo-2

< Greek, combining form of lip-, weak stem of leípein to leave, be lacking; see -o-
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British Dictionary definitions for lipo


  1. informal short for liposuction


before a vowel lip-

combining form
  1. fat or fattylipoprotein

Word Origin

from Greek lipos fat

Li Po

Li T'ai-po

  1. ?700–762 ad, Chinese poet. His lyrics deal mostly with wine, nature, and women and are remarkable for their imagery
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Word Origin and History for lipo


word-forming element meaning "fat" (n.), from Greek lipo-, comb. form of lipos "fat" (n.), from PIE root *leip- "to stick, adhere," also used to form words for "fat," see leave (v.)).

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lipo in Medicine


  1. Fat; fatty; fatty tissue:lipolysis.
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