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noun, plural ma·ters, ma·tres [mey-treez] /ˈmeɪ triz/.
  1. British Informal. mother1.
  2. the backing holding the movable parts of an astrolabe.

Origin of mater

First recorded in 1585–95, mater is from the Latin word māter

mater dolorosa

[mah-ter doh-loh-roh-sah; English mey-ter doh-luh-roh-suh]
noun Latin.
  1. the sorrowful mother.
  2. (initial capital letters) the mother of Christ sorrowing for her son.
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British Dictionary definitions for mater


  1. British public school slang, often facetious a word for mother 1

Word Origin

C16: from Latin

mater dolorosa

  1. the Virgin Mary sorrowing for the dead Christ, esp as depicted in art

Word Origin

Latin: sorrowful mother
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