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naked lady

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  1. amaryllis(def 2).


  1. any of several bulbous plants of the genus Hippeastrum, especially H. puniceum, which has large red or pink flowers and is popular as a houseplant.Compare amaryllis family.
  2. Also called belladonna lily, naked lady. a related plant, Amaryllis belladonna, having clusters of usually rose-colored flowers.
  3. any of several other similar or related plants.
  4. (initial capital letter) a shepherdess or country girl, especially in classical and later pastoral poetry.

Origin of amaryllis

1785–95; < Latin: name of a shepherdess in Vergil's Eclogues
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  1. (in pastoral poetry) a name for a shepherdess or country girl

naked lady

  1. a leafless pink orchid found in Australia and New Zealand


  1. Also called: belladonna lily an amaryllidaceous plant, Amaryllis belladonna, native to southern Africa and having large lily-like reddish or white flowers
  2. any of several related plants, esp hippeastrum

Word Origin

C18: from New Latin, from Latin: named after Amaryllis
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autumn-flowering bulbs, 1794, adopted by Linnaeus from Latin, from Greek Amaryllis, typical name of a country girl or shepherdess (in Theocritus, Virgil, Ovid, etc.).

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