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[noo-kas-uh l, -kah-suh l, nyoo-]
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  1. 1st Duke of. Pelham-Holles, Thomas.
  2. Also called New·cas·tle-up·on-Tyne [noo-kas-uh l-uh-pon-tahyn, -uh-pawn-, -kah-suh l-, nyoo-] /ˈnuˌkæs əl əˌpɒnˈtaɪn, -əˌpɔn-, -ˌkɑ səl-, ˈnyu-/. a seaport in Tyne and Wear, in NE England, on the Tyne River: shipbuilding; major coal center.
  3. a seaport in E New South Wales, in SE Australia.
  4. a town in SE Ontario, in S Canada, NE of Toronto, on Lake Ontario.
  1. carry coals to Newcastle,
    1. to take something to a place where its kind exists in great quantity.
    2. to do something wholly unnecessary.
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British Dictionary definitions for newcastle upon tyne

Newcastle upon Tyne

  1. a port in NE England in Newcastle upon Tyne unitary authority, Tyne and Wear, near the mouth of the River Tyne opposite Gateshead: Roman remains; engineering industries, including ship repairs; two universities (1937, 1992). Pop: 189 863 (2001)Often shortened to: Newcastle
  2. a unitary authority in NE England, in Tyne and Wear. Pop: 266 600 (2003 est). Area: 112 sq km (43 sq miles)


  1. a port in SE Australia, in E New South Wales near the mouth of the Hunter River: important industrial centre, with extensive steel, metalworking, engineering, shipbuilding, and chemical industries. It suffered Australia's first recorded fatal earthquake, in 1989. Pop: 279 975 (2001)


  1. Duke of, the title of Thomas Pelham Holles. 1693–1768, English Whig prime minister (1754–56; 1757–62): brother of Henry Pelham
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see carry coals to Newcastle.

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