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[Serbo-Croatian. pawd-gaw-ree-tsah]
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  1. the capital of Montenegro.
Formerly Titograd.


[mon-tuh-nee-groh, -neg-roh]
  1. a republic in S Europe since 2006: formerly a constituent republic of Yugoslavia, in the SW part (1918–2006); an independent kingdom 1878–1918. 6333 sq. mi. (13,812 sq. km). Capital: Podgorica.
Serbo-Croatian Crna Gora.
Related formsMon·te·ne·grin [mon-tuh-nee-grin, ‐neg-rin] /ˌmɒn təˈni grɪn, ‐ˈnɛg rɪn/, adjective, noun
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Historical Examples

  • The Podgorica Parliament had 168 members, of whom 42 were from the new areas.

    The Birth of Yugoslavia, Volume 2

    Henry Baerlein

  • He asked me so many questions that I asked him if he had never even been to Podgorica.

  • Before we leave Podgorica for good our readers must be introduced to the Club.

  • He was a foreigner and new to Podgorica, but more of him anon.

  • At two we again wired from Podgorica for supper to be delayed till ten.

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  1. the capital of Montenegro: under Turkish rule (1474–1878). Pop: 230 000 (2005 est)Former name (1946–92): Titograd


  1. a republic in S central Europe, bordering on the Adriatic; declared a kingdom in 1910 and united with Serbia, Croatia, and other territories in 1918 to form Yugoslavia; remained united with Serbia as the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia when the other Yugoslav constituent republics became independent in 1991–92; Union of Serbia and Montenegro formed in 2003 and dissolved 2006. Mainly mountainous. Language: Serbian (Montenegrin). Religion: Orthodox Christian majority. Currency: euro. Capital: Podgorica. Pop: 653 474 (2013 est). Area: 13 812 sq km (5387 sq miles)
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Adriatic coastal nation, from Venetian Italian (Tuscan monte nero), literally "black mountain," a loan-translation of the local Slavonic name, Crnagora. Related: Montenegrine.

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