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[poh-man-der, poh-man-der]
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  1. a mixture of aromatic substances, often in the form of a ball, formerly carried on the person as a supposed guard against infection but now placed in closets, dressers, etc.
  2. the ball, box, or other case in which it was formerly carried.

Origin of pomander

1425–75; earlier pomaundre, pomemandre, late Middle English pomendambre < Middle French pome d'ambre (compare obsolete English pom(e)amber) < Medieval Latin pōmum ambrē (Latin ambrae) literally, apple of amber. See pome, amber
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Examples from the Web for pomander

Historical Examples

  • He shrugged and pouted and had fresh recourse to his pomander.

    The Strolling Saint

    Raphael Sabatini

  • She had no desire for the pomander, and did not know why she had bought it.

  • At midnight I lay down in the dark, the pomander under my pillow.

  • I suggested, and leaned across to lay the pomander in his gnarled hand.

  • He shook his head, giving back the pomander with marked reluctance.

British Dictionary definitions for pomander


  1. a mixture of aromatic substances in a sachet or an orange, formerly carried as scent or as a protection against disease
  2. a container for such a mixture

Word Origin

C15: from Old French pome d'ambre, from Medieval Latin pōmum ambrae apple of amber
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