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[prahy-muh s]
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noun, plural pri·mus·es. (often initial capital letter)
  1. Scottish Episcopal Church. a bishop who is elected to represent the church body and to summon and preside at synods but who possesses no metropolitan power.

Origin of primus1

1855–60; < Medieval Latin prīmus, noun use of Latin adj.; see prime


[prahy-muh s]
  1. (in prescriptions) first.

Origin of primus2

1790–1800; < Latin prīmus; see prime


[pree-muh s]
  1. Pearl,1919–1994, U.S. dancer, born in Trinidad.

primus inter pares

[pree-moo s in-ter pah-res; English prahy-muh s in-ter pair-eez, pree-]
noun, plural pri·mi in·ter pa·res [pree-mee in-ter pah-res; English prahy-mee in-ter pair-eez pree-] /ˈpri mi ˈɪn tɛr ˈpɑ rɛs; English ˈpraɪ mi ˈɪn tər ˈpɛər iz ˈpri-/ Latin.
  1. (of males) first among equals.
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  1. Scottish Episcopal Church the presiding bishop in the Synod

Word Origin

from Latin: first


  1. trademark a portable paraffin cooking stove, used esp by campersAlso called: Primus stove

primus inter pares

  1. first among equals
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Word Origin and History for primus

Latin for "first, the first" (see prime (adj.)).

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