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pro patria

[proh pah-tri-ah; English proh pey-tree-uh, pa-] /proʊ ˈpɑ trɪˌɑ; English proʊ ˈpeɪ tri ə, ˈpæ-/
adverb, Latin.
for one's country.

dulce et decorum est pro patria mori

[doo l-ke et de-koh-room est proh pah-tree-ah moh-ree; English duhl-see et di-kawr-uh m est proh pey-tree-uh mawr-ahy, mohr-ahy, -kohr-uh m] /ˈdʊl kɛ ɛt dɛˈkoʊ rum ɛst proʊ ˈpɑ triˌɑ ˈmoʊ ri; English ˈdʌl si ɛt dɪˈkɔr əm ɛst proʊ ˈpeɪ tri ə ˈmɔr aɪ, ˈmoʊr aɪ, -ˈkoʊr əm/
sweet and fitting it is to die for one's country. Unabridged
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pro patria

/ˈprəʊ ˈpætrɪˌɑː/
for one's country
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