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[rap-tawr-ee-uh l, -tohr-]
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  1. preying upon other animals; predatory.
  2. adapted for seizing prey, as the bill or claws of a bird.
  3. belonging or pertaining to the Raptores, a former order in which the falconiform and strigiform birds were erroneously grouped together.

Origin of raptorial

1815–25; < Latin raptōr- (stem of raptor raptor) + -ial
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adjective zoology
  1. (of the feet of birds) adapted for seizing prey
  2. (esp of birds) feeding on prey; predatory
  3. of or relating to birds of prey

Word Origin

C19: from Latin raptor a robber, from rapere to snatch
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Word Origin and History for raptorial


"predatory," 1825, from raptor + -ial. Alternative raptatorial "predacious" (1840) is from Latin raptatus, past participle of raptare.

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