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[rek-wee-es-kaht, -kat]
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  1. a wish or prayer for the repose of the dead.

Origin of requiescat

1815–25; < Latin: short for requiescat in pace

requiescat in pace

[re-kwee-es-kaht in pah-che]
  1. may he (or she) rest in peace.
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British Dictionary definitions for requiescat


  1. a prayer for the repose of the souls of the dead

Word Origin

Latin, from requiescat in pace may he rest in peace
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Word Origin and History for requiescat


name of a prayer for the repose of the dead, from Latin phrase requiescat in pace (often abbreviated R.I.P.), literally "may he (or she) begin to rest in peace," from third person singular inceptive of requies "rest, repose" (see requiem).

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