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  1. a restraining action or influence: freedom from restraint.
  2. Sometimes restraints. a means of or device for restraining, as a harness for the body.
  3. the act of restraining, holding back, controlling, or checking.
  4. the state or fact of being restrained; deprivation of liberty; confinement.
  5. constraint or reserve in feelings, behavior, etc.

Origin of restraint

1350–1400; Middle English restreinte < Middle French restrainte, noun use of feminine past participle of restraindre to restrain
Related formso·ver·re·straint, nounpre·re·straint, noun


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4. circumscription, restriction, imprisonment, incarceration.


4. liberty.
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  1. the ability to control or moderate one's impulses, passions, etcto show restraint
  2. the act of restraining or the state of being restrained
  3. something that restrains; restriction

Word Origin

C15: from Old French restreinte, from restreindre to restrain
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Word Origin and History for restraint


"action of restraining; means of restraint," early 15c., from Old French restreinte, noun use of fem. past participle of restraindre (see restrain). Sense of "reserve" is from c.1600.

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restraint in Medicine


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  1. An instrument or a means of restraint to prevent the infliction of harm to self or others, such as a straightjacket.
  2. Control or repression of feelings; constraint.
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