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[ri-vizh-uh n]
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  1. the act or work of revising.
  2. a process of revising.
  3. a revised form or version, as of a book.

Origin of revision

1605–15; < Late Latin revīsiōn- (stem of revīsiō), equivalent to Latin revīs(us) (see revise) + -iōn- -ion
Related formsre·vi·sion·al, re·vi·sion·ar·y, adjectivenon·re·vi·sion, nounpre·re·vi·sion, nounpro·re·vi·sion, adjective


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1. alteration, correction, emendation.
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  1. the act or process of revising
  2. British the process of rereading a subject or notes on it, esp in preparation for an examination
  3. a corrected or new version of a book, article, etc
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Word Origin and History for revision


1610s, "act of revising," from French révision, from Late Latin revisionem (nominative revisio) "a seeing again," noun of action from past participle stem of Latin revidere (see revise). Meaning "a product of revision" is from 1845.

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