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  1. Dickinson Wood·ruff [woo d-ruhf] /ˈwʊd rʌf/, 1895–1973, U.S. physician: Nobel prize 1956.
  2. I(vor) A(rmstrong) [ahy-ver, ee-ver] /ˈaɪ vər, ˈi vər/, 1893–1979, English literary critic in the U.S.
  3. Theodore William,1868–1928, U.S. chemist: Nobel prize 1914.


[ri-shahrd; French ree-shar]
  1. Mau·rice [maw-rees; French moh-rees] /mɔˈris; French moʊˈris/, Rocket, 1921–2000, Canadian hockey player.


  1. a male given name.
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  1. I (vor) A (rmstrong). 1893–1979, British literary critic and linguist, who, with C. K. Ogden, wrote The Meaning of Meaning (1923) and devised Basic English
  2. Sir Gordon . 1904–86, English flat-racing jockey: champion jockey 26 times between 1925 and 1953; won 4870 races, including fourteen English classics
  3. Sir Viv, full name Isaac Vivian Alexander Richards . born 1952, West Indian cricketer, born in Antigua; played in 121 tests, 50 as captain; scored 8,540 test runs


  1. Sir Cliff, real name Harry Rodger Webb . born 1940, British pop singer. Film musicals include The Young Ones (1961) and Summer Holiday (1962)
  2. Maurice, known as Rocket . (1921–2000); Canadian ice hockey player
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masc. proper name, Middle English Rycharde, from Old French Richard, from Old High German Ricohard "strong in rule," from Proto-Germanic *rik- "ruler" (see rich) + *harthu "hard," from PIE *kar-o- (see hard). "One of the most popular names introduced by the Normans. Usually Latinized as Ricardus, the common form was Ricard, whence the pet form Rick, etc." ["Dictionary of English Surnames"]

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  1. American physician. He shared a 1956 Nobel Prize for developing cardiac catheterization.
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  1. American chemist and educator whose survey of water quality in Massachusetts led to the establishment of the first water quality standards in the United States and the first modern sewage treatment plant.
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